Guests recognize GreenChefs by finding the green & golden sticker on their windows, doors and apparel.

As an AMBASSADOR of GreenChefs International (GCI), you are granted the privilege to utilize the globally recognized GCI logo, signifying your commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This distinguished emblem can be prominently displayed on chef’s jackets, restaurant windows or doors, menus, and other relevant materials to showcase your association with our organization.

Thus, GCI Ambassadors have, besides the ecological value, also an economical effect, since their customers usually produce a higher average paycheck.


As a GCI – Green Chefs International Ambassador, individuals have the responsibility to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the culinary industry. Their duties include educating others about the environmental impact of food production, transportation, and consumption, and promoting the use of sustainable ingredients and cooking methods. They should lead by example by practicing sustainability in their personal and professional lives, and encourage others to do the same.


Young professional chefs under 25 are entitled to apply for a 50% discount (please provide proof of age).


Your benefits:

  • Global Networking:
    Connect with like-minded chefs and culinary experts from around the world, fostering collaboration and creating opportunities to learn from one another’s experiences in sustainable cooking and kitchen management.
  • Exclusive Resources:
    Gain access to a wealth of resources, including innovative recipes, expert articles, webinars, and workshops focused on eco-friendly practices and green initiatives in the culinary arts.
  • Showcase Your Talents:
    Share your own sustainable culinary creations and insights through GCI’s website, social media, and publications, inspiring others to join the green culinary movement and raising your profile in the industry.
  • Professional Development:
    Enhance your skills and knowledge in sustainable cooking and kitchen management, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in environmentally-friendly gastronomy.
  • Local and Global Events:
    Participate in GCI-organized events, both locally and globally, promoting awareness of the importance of sustainability and responsible practices in the food industry while expanding your professional network.
  • Industry Recognition:
    Increase your credibility and reputation as a chef committed to environmental responsibility, setting you apart from others in the culinary field and potentially attracting eco-conscious clientele.
  • Collaborative Opportunities:
    Engage in partnerships and collaborations with other GCI members, local farmers, producers, and suppliers, working together to create a more eco-friendly and responsible supply chain.
  • Positive Impact:
    Contribute to the global effort to protect our planet’s resources by promoting sustainable practices in your kitchen and the wider food industry, making a meaningful difference for future generations.