10 Questions you might ask yourself

    1. How do you source your ingredients to ensure they are sustainably produced and have a minimal impact on the environment?
    2. Would you share some examples of how you reduce food waste in your kitchen and utilize every part of the ingredients you work with?
    3. What energy-efficient practices and equipment do you incorporate into your daily operations to minimize your kitchen’s carbon footprint?
    4. How do you educate and train your staff on the importance of sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices in the kitchen?
    5. Are there any specific local, seasonal, or organic ingredients that you prioritize in your menu planning to promote green initiatives?
    6. In what ways do you collaborate with local farmers, producers, and suppliers to ensure a more sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain?
    7. How have you adapted traditional cooking techniques or incorporated new ones to reduce the environmental impact of your dishes?
    8. Can you share some examples of plant-based or vegetarian dishes you’ve developed to cater to more environmentally-conscious diners?
    9. How do you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in sustainable cooking and green initiatives in the culinary world?
    10. What advice would you give to aspiring chefs looking to embrace eco-friendly practices and incorporate green topics into their professional careers?